Madison Leigh Luxury Escort


To the gentleman reading this... 

This line of work has never been something that I do full-time… I think if that were the case, it was lose all the excitement that it brings me! It’s the adventure and spontaneity that I enjoy so much. I love that I get to have a “normal” day-to-day life, but then can sneak away to a complete strangers door, or he mine. My body nervously tingling as to who will be on the other side… the raw and uninhibited connection that follows… it is my very independent selfs way of letting someone else have control. I crave it! 

I come from a wonderful conservative family... I am just as comfortable working outside in my boots as I am walking down city streets in my stilettos. I am college educated, well-versed, well-traveled, and a conversationalist who has never met a stranger. You can keep me naked in bed all day, take me home to meet your family, spend a night out with your friends, or show me off to your office... and hopefully your desk... ;)

I love meeting new people and exploring different cultures. Every place you visit or group of people you meet has something to offer... I can find the good in all that I encounter. And where I am happy and can enjoy any country I visit, my feet always seem to lead me toward sandy beaches... perhaps it's the Californian in me? 

I love to read and write... biographies, memoirs, books within my field of study. My career has taken me to the inner city streets of Los Angeles to the back country in the south. I have ran with the bulls, ridden bulls, and swam on the back of sharks. Nothing clears my head like going for run... although I am far from my days as a collegiate athlete. I am passionate, sensual, easygoing, and I love to laugh! 

Thank you for taking the time to explore my page. Hopefully, I will later be thanking you for exploring me... XO

With anticipation,